Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mystery Flies Arrive Under Tight Security

The mystery flies to be used in the Blue River Fly Classic are in place and under extremely tight security.  I assure everyone that I will remain most accountable in this matter and as much as I like all that participate in our one fly single patterns events, you must know I will be above any type of bribery. 

At this point only myself, one other gentleman that helps set the event up, and my three dogs know the identity of the mystery fly.

Security was so high this year, I asked for the flies to be delivered by armored truck and yesterday afternoon said truck arrived at the bunkhouse.

The first year we had the one fly event, I put Sadie in charge of guarding the precious box of treasure that was tucked away in the fly tying room. 
Although Sadie did a good job the task seemed to cut into her nap time, so when year two rolled around I asked Drift if he would assume guard duty.

And, even though Drift was quite diligent in his duties, I decided that this year with security higher than ever it was time to bring out the bigger dog - Riffle.
Riffle can be quite the sweet dog, but he has a mouth habit - almost like an oral fixation, and always has to have his teeth clinched down on something.  And that something could be the tukas of someone trying to get a peek at the mystery flies.
The mystery flies are beautifully tied and I truly believe that everyone will be quite happy to fish this pattern. I expect some very high scores this year. 
The "Guess The Mystery Fly" game will begin soon, so stayed tuned. 

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