Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Carp Campaign Neglect

I have been quite neglectful to this journal and to the carp that I so savor.  There is more than one reason, but primarily my work-life has gone from a somewhat manageable state to an almost impossible one.  My time on the carp creek has been quite limited and coupled with the condition of the creek when time is possible has led to this great neglect and regret on my part.

I have been out somewhat, however, and those trips have been productive.  The Aftermath fly continues to entice carp after carp.  Conditions have made this the toughest carp by fly season this angler has had to deal with.  The wind has been absolutely insane and now the creek is choked with tassels that the wind pushes upstream into blankets.

Yesterday the carp were feeding on the tassels on the surface.  Upon seeing the surface feeding I was inclined to tie on a dry pattern, which would have certainly been a Stimulator.  But, the wind was howling and it would have done little good to try and get that dry to a target.  Instead, I took the Aftermath and targeted surface feeding carp by putting the fly directly in front of them as they sipped the surface.  The carp would absolutely dive bomb for the fly and suck it mid-column.  It was a beautiful sight to watch. 
My last four or five outings have been dominated by chop on the water.  The last two days the chop has been more like swells on this sea current of this prairie ocean.  It makes for a most difficult day.  The carp still somehow come my way though and I am quite thankful.
To get caught up here are some pictures of some of the latest carp and they all came by way of the Aftermath.


Gregg said...

Good for you Barry! That tactic rarely works for my carp when they are eating surface scum. You have them dialed in.


darichards said...

Any chance you would be willing to share instructions on making that aftermath fly. Ive taken up fly fishing for carp up here in NE OK and would love to try it out. Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy reading it.

Barry said...

Gregg, it is a wonderful thing to watch when the carp aggressively chase that fly down in the column.

Barry said...

You will need the following materials to tie the Aftermath. Curved shank hook (scud or shrimp hook) size 10 is what I use here. Brown vernille for the tail, two strands of peacock herl, fluro chartreuse chenille for the body, partridge feather, and dumbbell eyes. Secure your dumbbell eyes with black thread just behind hook eye. Use figure 8 wraps to secure it well. Advance thread back to the apex of the curve of the hook and tie in worm tail. Tie in one strand of peacock herl on top and one on bottom to be pulled over body later. Tie in chenille and wrap to dumbbell eyes. Pull both strands over the body one of top one on bottom and tie off. Prepare the partridge feather like you would for a soft hackle pattern. Tie in my tip and then fold the fibers by wetting them. About 1 1/2 wraps and tie off thread and your through. Look at some of the pictures of the Aftermath and you'll see how to do it.