Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, February 29, 2016

Fly Classic Base Camp

A base camp has been established in the main parking area of the campground area just above Hughes Crossing (low water crossing).  If you are not familiar with the campground area, google Scotty's Blue River One Stop, 4501 S. Bullard Chapel Rd. Tishomingo.  From Scotty's take the road that goes north.  Do not get off this road and you will come to a large parking area on your left.  Look for the Blue Bird motor coach named the Ruff Diamond.  There will be one or two pop up tents there and this is where you will check-in.

The cell phone number you will want to call if you have any questions is 580-618-3776.  This is the phone I use for work.

Contestants are asked to be at the base camp and alert us of your arrival (check-in please) by 7:20 a.m. We want to have you on your way to the river to fish shortly after 7:30.

The mystery fly will be revealed and the parings will be announced.  The pairings are for the most part random, however we do consider and entertains special requests or needs.  In the past there have been parent/child contestants and we do not feel comfortable enlisting someone's child with another or on the reverse side of that we do not feel we should obligate another with that responsibility.  We also consider physical limits in making the pairings and try not to hinder a contestant with no physical difficulties or make a contestant with a physical concern feel they need to "over-do" it in keeping up with their partner. In no way does the pairings give any one person or team an advantage. 

We ask everyone to bring a chair to sit in for lunch and choice of drink.  Lunch will be provided and it's quite extensive.

Everyone have a safe trip up and call or email with any questions you have.

See you on the river.


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