Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A New Blue River Big Time Fan

Next to catching bows on the river Blue myself, the greatest enjoyment I get is hearing of others that are new to discovering Blue experiencing the same joy.

I think it was several weeks ago when I had an exchange with a fly-fisher named Byron. I could tell through the communique that Byron wasn't new to fly-fishing but simply new to Blue. I gave him a couple of tips as to where to go and Byron surely took those tips to heart.

He has been to Blue twice since that initial dialogue and has had two great outings including this one today which is evidenced by the picture below.

Now, Byron would want me to tell you this fish was revived and safely returned to the water which is exactly what I am telling you. What Byron might not want me to share with you is the exact number of fish he caught today and exactly where he caught them.

However, I don't think he will mind me telling you that I love the system that he used which not only involved a tandem rig with two flies but rather three and an added twist. If you want to learn more about this system you might just have to ask Byron might just be patent worthy.

The river Blue needs all the excited and enthused fans she can get right now, so I for one appreciate this new fan of Blue...Byron Dowd.

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