Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two Bows To Go

Trout Season 2009/2010 Day Eleven Fishing

My Tuesday fishing thing is going south really quick. Today it looked like there was no chance of me getting to the river Blue to fish at all even though I had to go to Tishomingo.

But...nothing chanced, nothing gained so I gave it a go anyhow. I knew full well that at the most I would have fifteen minutes to fish and no more even if I got that much in.

Now some would question the sanity of a man who would gear up to fish for fifteen minutes. To that I would simply say desperation does strange things to a man. Also, I was that badly in need of a trout fix.

So, I scream into campsite 17 and put all the gear on and trot to the river. Fishing the lower end of 17 I capture two bows and then it's time to go. The workplace is ever demanding these days and I'm sure my absence was noticed.

Not so long ago there was a sweet older gentleman that accommodated Scotty's quite a bit. His name was J.D., and one day when J.D. noticed by hurried rush to the river on a Tuesday afternoon he said, "'re going to loose the farm for fishing."

From what I'm hearing lately at work...J.D. may very well be right.

Was today worth it? Wouldn't trade today's minutes for gold.

Would I do it again. Absolutely...may do it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Just getting started fly fishing, after growing up fisging....just found your blog....headed to the blue sat morning early for the first time.....any tips?

Enjoying your blog,


Barry said...

Start out at the crossing fishing both upstream and downstream. Looking downstream you'll see a island about 200 yards down-flow. The water directly below that island is usually loaded with trout. It's a shallow pool about three feet deep at most. Try drifting some flies under an indicator through those waters. Olive wooly buggers, size 14 - 18 Flashback Pheasant Tails, Hare's Ear, Soft hackles like Partridge & Orange or Hare's Ear, Zebra Midge or Red Midge Larvae.

With the water being much cooler the trout will proably want a slower presentation and be lower in the water column.

Good luck sir.