Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On The Other Side

If time had allowed today, a path upstream from Chimney Falls would have been my choice. Additionally, the path would have been on the other side of the river.

The other side is a place that most of us will find few anglers, and this is probably due to a couple of reasons. Most likely the main reason is because the path is not well defined which for me personally makes it all the better, much more primitive, somehow exploration-calling, rough, ragged, and uncertain. However, if an angler will continue on the way, maneuvering the thistle and briar's, the trail picks up again and leads all the way to the area known as the Scatters.

The second reason, again most likely, is due to the fact that the river takes on intimate braids and forks, and within each there are numerous friendly runs, riffles, pockets, and pools. The water itself takes on different shades, enchanting colors and hues that differ from other parts of the river. These presentations offer a number of avenues for the bows to choose and form small communes instead of the concentrated camps they tend to make in other parts of the river.

Battling bows on the other side is more challenging but at the same time it can be more rewarding, and often time on the other side it's more than just battling bows.

On the other side, an angler has time for fishing. On the other side, an angler has time for reflection, for peaceful prayer to the creator of this masterpiece, and time for a river-bank nap in the warming rays of the sun. On the other side, an angler has time of choice and choice of how that time is spent.

Since time was short today, the water below Chimney Falls was chosen as this day's field of battle. As warriors, the olive bugger with olive yellow tail and the brown fluro bugger were chosen as the favorites.

The combatants were plunged deep in the battlefield where they would methodically approach their willing foes. The bugger's would suffer strike after strike without due strike.

The strategy wasn't working, the bows were laughing loudly, celebrating their early victories on this day's field. My warriors were withdrawn.

There existed a problem that needed a remedy. Occam's Razor Barry...Occam's Razor - simplest solution is the correct solution.

The warriors were once again plunged deep into the battlefield but this time as they still made their steady march, they suddenly feinted... and feinted again, and once the opponents struck... they were too deeply engaged to escape.

Drift and twitch, drift and twitch.

Currently there are huge hoards of bows in the river awaiting battle for those that wish to engage in such.

Come the angler.

Battalions of battling bows await.

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