Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prairie Ocean Ice Storm and Laptop Blues

It seems that mother nature is going to put a stop to angling for a couple of days with the ice storm that is developing as of this writing.

The storm looks to be short-lived and we should be back to angling and battling bows by early next week.

Although I've been fishing a good number of times I haven't been able to report any of my outings due to the death of my laptop. A new one has been ordered and should be here shortly.

Good fishing everyone.


Russ said...

Hey Barry,

Sorry to hear about your laptop. That's a bummer. I'm afraid I'm about to have to do the same thing with mine.

I was planning on coming up to the blue this Sunday but that is starting to fade with the weather. How long does it usually take for the river to clear up after a couple days of solid rain/ice? You think she'll be ready come Sunday, or should I try and make the following weekend?

Take Care,


Barry said...

Russ, just called Scotty and he said the river is excellent. He was down there this morning having a look, so you look like your good to go.

Barry said...

Hold everything Russ. After talking with Scotty I talked with Matt the area manager and he said as of the noon hour the river was rising and starting to off-color. If it does off-color it will not clear up by Sunday. So... you may want to wait a week.


Russ said...

Thanks for the info, Barry! Looks like I'll have to wait another week for a shot at lady blue.