Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Crusade Begins

I think Charlie and I both are quite earnest about improving our abilities to battle and capture carp on Rock Creek with fur and feather.

In the last ten days... two weeks or so, Charlie has been on several scouting expeditions and I've been on several myself. This morning, carp dominated the conversation Charlie and I had and as we talked I could sense the excitement in Charlies voice and see wonderment in his eyes. I share the same expectations.

After work today I could feel the nap fairy tugging at me which has become a daily routine for me. But today I wanted to resist the afternoon sandman so I asked Miss Carol to scout for some carp with me.

At Rock Creek, we were met with a clear creek but the strong winds had a solid riffle on the surface which made scouting difficult. Miss Carol has good eyesight but also brought a pair of binoculars and as she purveyed the water I heard her say, "There's a flash". Sure enough, the carp are still there in the same spot I scouted last week. I brought my fly-rod but with the water being so riffled I knew I would simply be blind casting and from what I've read that's not the way to capture carp.

The crusade will continue and Sunday I hope to go upstream and see what communities exist there.

Photo by Sonya

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