Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Carp Crusades - Today's Journal Notes

Arrived at Mother Hole at 2:45 p.m. Sun had been shining brightly all day but now tucked behind solid billowy blanket of clouds. Creek still somewhat dingy but much improved. Visibility is quite poor with no sunlight. Carp difficult to see, only shadows and few shadows at that.

Red San Juan Wormball tied on. Have only five carp flies to existence since losing box yesterday. A medium sized shadow is cast to and wormball slowly stripped to shallow water for better sight. Fish sucks, straight up hook-set, good hook-set. To hand, a beautifully fascinating young Mirror.

Hang wormball in ten foot tree limb on next cast. (SIDE MENTAL NOTE: Make homemade extensions for pruners to retrieve wormball). Chartreuse and white Clouser goes on, heavy metal fly, sinks fast. Cast to medium shadow and twitched in, fish sucks, straight up hook-set, good hook-set, big surprise comes to hand... a drum. Note: Drum do not have the power of carp but quicker in short bursts and acrobatic like trout.

Few carp to be seen, holding to far deep bank, same thing last couple of days, has to be something with cooler temperatures of late or barometric pressure. Ambient temp today 67 degrees, water temp 64.6.

Go to try and accomplish reason for flying for carp today - sneak up on carp in the shallow and riffles. Crouch low duck walking through weeds, remove hat thinking it's round shape is stark contrast to my slender frame. On knees near bank edge in thigh high weeds, see a carp plainly. Cast to him but miss going way too far upstream, he turns and goes downstream, wait, lift line out of water and over weed line. Cast again in front of him but ignores it. Cast again in front and slightly to his right, he sees, he follows, he sucks, straight up hook-set, good hook-set, in current, hold steady but must turn him from rocks and root lined bank. Comes to hand.

Forty five minutes on water, sun never came out. Wait for better day.

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