Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Olive Damsel Marabou

Thumbing through my season of Rainbows journal from 2001 and 2002, I noticed that I used the olive damsel marabou a lot that trout season and with fairly good success. Why I strayed away from the pattern over the years, I simply don't know. It could very well have been that other patterns such as standards like the pheasant tail or hare's ear were working so good, I simply didn't need to fish the damsel marabou. But, I do remember the pattern brought me a lot of enjoyment... so I started tying some more for this coming season.

The damsel marabou can be tied a variety of ways using a variety of hooks. Probably the most popular hook is a standard streamer hook but for the pattern above I used a 3XL Curved Shank hook. The damsel marabou can be tied with beadchain eyes, mono eyes, or black beadhead. Pheasant tail can be used as a wing case or not and legs can be added or not.

I tied up six of the olive damsels and realized it had been some time since I have been fishing. In a recent conversation with Charlie, I told him I believed the damsel would work on the Rock Creek carp so today would be the testing ground for my theory.

Now, the heat index today was 113, so I waited until late to get on the water, and even at that... I didn't stay long.

The olive damsel would hook-up with three carp but all three were lost. Two were lost to break-offs, and the other to a bad tie I made. Anyhow... I guess the carp like the damsel. What give me the idea of using this pattern on carp is my water garden. It's absolutely loaded with damsel's and they are really odd looking creatures. I netted a number of them so I could get a closer look and make notes of some details.

Figure Scotty could use some of these patterns at the One Stop so it's back to the vise for now.

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Robin said...

Tie up something like that in #4 or even #2 and you'd have the smallie fly!