Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Storing Up At Bass Pro

It couldn't have worked out better. Long before even considering today was Father's Day, a trip to Bass Pro had already been planned. With the summer-like temperatures quickly coming on, it's time for me to go into fly-tying season. Fly-tying season for me usually begins around this time of year and will last until the middle of September or so. Long story short was I was really in need of some vital stuff to tie the flies.

Last night while participating in an event at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, my daughter Kempy walked up and handed me a card and said, "Happy Father's Day!" Inside the card was, of all things, a Bass Pro gift card. Hot diggity dog... daughter must be psychic.

Checking with Charlie Wright I found that he also needed a few things as did another friend, so today's trip was going to certainly be a worthwhile undertaking.

I've mentioned before the picture in the men's outhouse at Bass Pro. Today, I decided to take a picture of the picture. As you can see, there are two anglers on what is labeled Sulphur Creek in 1902. Sulphur Creek is now what we call Travetine Creek. From the looks of the stringers, this little creek was evidently one heck of a fishery at one time. Too bad progress has diminish the fishing at this fine little waterway.

There were a lot of folk at Bass Pro today, and I guess they had the same idea as I did... which was to spend Father's day blowing money.

At the fly shop I struck a conversation with a gentleman who was looking for material to tie up a special midge pattern he ties. He mentioned that it was a killer on Blue river and of course the conversation took off from there. I think the gentleman was from Duncan, Oklahoma and much like a number of us, he prefers the wilderness areas at Blue. It was neat talking with him.

I'll start my fly-tying season tomorrow and hope to have somewhere between three or four hundred flies done by trout season. Last year I didn't have time to supply Scotty at the One Stop, but this year I plan on correcting that issue.

Only 102 days left to trout season at the beautiful river Blue.

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