Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Perfect Method

Last night I was reading one of the better fly-fishing blogs that is available these days. The author is a gifted lady that seems to have a real passion for the fur and feather.

Her latest blog entry was a report on a fly-fishing trip to Montana. Seems like the outing was one of those days all of us have had at one time or another. A long day if you will, where the trout are extremely hard to figure out and quite stubborn in their insistence of ignoring our offerings.

The author speaks highly of her guide calling him the hardest working man in fly-fishing and it does indeed appear the guy worked his south-side off trying to increase productivity.

The guide, after pulling trick after trick out of his magic vest, resorted to what the author refers to as a super-funky rig. Quite simply, the method involved dead-drifting a streamer with a much smaller nymph pattern trailing. Sure enough it wasn't too long until, ka-Ching, the outing started battling more trout.

I found this part of the report most interesting because dead-drifting a streamer with a smaller fly trailing, is a method I've been using for quite a long time on Blue with good success. As a matter of fact... it's become my favorite method of battling the bows.

Usually the streamer is always a bugger and most of the time it's an olive color, but brown and black also work quite well. As far as trailers used, the list continues to grow. Of the trailers I've used my favorite is the soft hackle category with the partridge and orange ruling. Other favored patterns include the pheasant tail, hare's ear, scud, zug bug, prince nymph, crackleback, san juan worm red, and san juan worm claret. The possibilities, at times, seem to be many.

Just thinking of the times I've used this method has me growing ever more excited about this trout season at Blue. The days are passing quickly my friends, and soon we will be casting the fur and feather to the bows of Blue.


Paul Freeman said...


Yup that is a popular rig up there. We used it on the Big Hole and Madison and is a great rig for the big freestone rivers up there. You can twitch that streamer ( Sculpzillas, Sheilas and Zonkers ) and to damage on the banks.

Great article.


Robin said...

I love it!!