Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Good And Not So Good

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Today was a good day of fishing for sure.  The catching wasn't too bad also, but there won't be any pictures posted and that's the not-so-good part of the day's adventure. 

The camera took the plunge just like it did this past spring in Rock Creek.  Somehow, this little camera survived that incident, but I have my doubts whether this latest act of carelessness is survivable.  Ehhh... I sucked at taking pictures anyhow.

Main reason for fishing on the river Blue today was to launch the Bubble Boy soft hackle on his maiden voyage.  He did okay!   Bubble Boy caught the first four trout... but that would be all he would catch, losing his life at sea.

After the departure of the young lad, the brown body soft hackle that did so well last week was employed solo.  And, this soft hackle pattern did well until giving his life to a tree limb.

The bugger was put into action, but would only find two trout.  Shortly thereafter a partridge and orange was enlisted to help the bugger and once again the soft hackles attracted fish. 

It was a pretty day even though it was a little cold this morning.  To me, the river looked a little off-color, kind of blurred, or fuzzy looking, but that could very well just be me.  The fishing wasn't hot and heavy at all.  Actually it seemed slow and the whole river seems to be off as far as fishing.  The river's level is lower than last week and good flows are hard to find in some areas.

I guess dropping the camera in the river deflated things a bit... you know kind of dampened the whole outing.  Didn't catch a fish after that incident.  Decided to just call it a day and head for my prairie home.

On the way out I met Scott Spradling and that indeed was a pleasure.  It seems Scott has quite the fishing story to tell... so let's let him tell it.  I know one fly-fisher who will really like this story.

I left the river having met twelve rainbow trout.  Ten shook hands with one form of soft hackle or the other, and the other two met the bugger.

Stopped by Ralph Fullenwinder's Ruff Diamond to visit and get a cup of coffee.  I still don't know what Ralph's secret is to making coffee, but without a doubt it's the best coffee I've ever had.

When I left my prairie home this morning, pony feed was $3.01 for a gallon bucket which makes pushing the ponies rather expensive these days.  My goodness, the price of petro could very well put the screws to fly fishing, with any regularity, on the river Blue. 
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