Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Sinner's Lament

I owe Charlie a huge apology.  You see... about ten days ago Charlie trotted down to the creek and caught a couple of carp.  I was too quick to announce what Charlie had did and stated that he had faltered in his resolve and made this great transgression since it wasn't anywhere near spring - the time the next carp adventure was scheduled to begin.

Today... I sinned also, and I would be such the hypocrite if I fail to first admit my own transgression and say to my friend Charlie, "I'm sorry ol' buddy, my response was a knee-jerk reaction."

Now if I was looking for an excuse or a reason as to why I fell so hard into this depth of sin I committed, then the fault would end up squarely in the lap of Mother Nature.  You see, it was seventy degrees today, a temperature more associated with the spring season rather than winter, and quite simply... I was fooled. 

Today I found a very thin creek - very thin.  The afternoon glare was difficult at best and in some places impossible to get any kind of visual on a carp.  I finally could see the outline of a carp and blind casted to him with the orange and olive Carpola Charlie.  This first carp picked the fly up and ran with it.

Few other carp were being spotted so I move upstream and find a carp I can sight fish.  Carpola Charlie in front of his face and he came to it right away.  The first Mirror Carp of the 2011 season.

The weather that is coming our way will put the 2011 campaign back to the wait list for awhile, but tomorrow is predicted to be near seventy degrees once again.  What is a fly fishing, sinful, low-down
carper suppose to do?

First carp of the 2011 season.


Second carp of 2011 was a Mirror Carp.
The 2010 carp adventure was known as the Carp Crusades and our adventures were chronicled.  Charlie suggested that 2011 should be known as the Carp Chronicles Redux.  Let the redux begin.

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