Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Carp Redux 2011 - Crazy Charlie Gone Wild

Usually on an afternoon outing, either Charlie or I can expect capturing a carp or two if we are lucky.  If we capture one then we consider it a good outing.  Two carp and it's a fantastic outing.  So, you can imagine my delight Thursday afternoon when six carp came to my lasso in less than two hours. 

For several weeks now I've been commenting to Charlie about my belief that the one thing that could improve our carp fishing would be rain.  Late Wednesday afternoon we did in fact receive the rain I've been wishing for.  It wasn't a long extended rain event, but goodness did it ever come down in buckets.  Charlie taught me sometime ago to go to the shallows after rain, but, there wasn't a chance to do that Wednesday since the creek immediately turned brown. 

Thursday morning, in taking an early break, I discovered the creek had already started to clear.  Also, Thursday was a completely overcast day which is my favorite fishing condition.  Even though a cloud laden overcast sky is good for me, I actually think it's to the advantage of the carp.  In my journal notes I have recorded a good number of times fishing on overcast days and in those accountings I have noted how it seems the carp see me much easier.  My theory is when the sun is shining brightly the rays somehow distort, diffuse, or impede the carps' vision when looking up.  I don't know if this is truly the case... it's just a theory.

All six carp came courtesy of the Crazy Charlie.  It was a case of Crazy Charlie gone wild.  The first five were taken on blind hook-sets - I couldn't see the fly, but, could tell the carp were on it and went for the set.  The last carp was on the alert and leaving the scene, but, the Crazy Charlie landed about a foot in front and to his side and the fish turned on it.  I easily could see the suck and the carp was roped. 

I dare say this has been the strangest spring I've seen in some time here on this prairie ocean.  Since the beginning of May we've had days flirting with record high temperatures.  Then, three or four days later we are flirting with record low temperatures.  This morning the wind chill is 36 degrees and the wind we usually get in March is still present.  It's crazy stuff. 

The next three or four days looks like a no-go for carping by fur and feather.

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