Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Carp Redux 2011 - Thinning Pastures

Like yesterday, today seem like a good day to ride the range in pursuit of carp.  Today is the 5th of May and it's more like the typical spring day we are accustomed to on this prairie ocean.  The wind is present of course, but, somewhat mild compared to the last month or so.  The sun is in full bloom tracking on a south by southwest plane. 

Slipping out the backdoor of the mercantile store, only the essential gear is once again stowed.  There is the rod, lanyard, and possibles pouch. 

Arriving at the pasture known as Shipwreck, I perch upon a large boulder overlooking a deeper pool.  Within is three carp, and they have stirred the bottom.  With the same carrot on the stick, the fly plunges deep into the pool and I await.  Soon there is a slight tug on the leader and the hook set brings in a youngster carp.  He becomes number twenty-seven this season.  This year, there is not near as much time to spare compared to last carp season.  Hopefully, more time will come this anglers way in the near future.  

The memory recorder did come back alive this morning after taking the plunge into the stew yesterday.  However, when the forever button is pushed... no memory results.  I'll give the machine a couple of more days to dissipate the moisture hidden within it's nooks and crannies.

From Shipwreck, a trail is blazed to the pasture called Courtyard.  There is only an hour, or little over, to spare today, so the search for carp is somewhat rushed.  However, it's not so rushed that movement will alert any carp that lie in waiting.  Sadly, only two images of carp are seen in this entire stretch. 

The Carp Carrot has retired and a spawning shrimp pattern is placed into employment.  Since the carp, as a lot, are not visible, blind casting is pursued.  No carp come, but a smallmouth, spotted bass, redbreast and green sunfish come to hand. 
Our pastures are thinning by the day.  It's not hard to recognize the lowering of the creek and when it progresses more each day it is a certainly concerning to the angler.  From what I am seeing in the upstream section of this creek, I fear this little stream will run dry within two weeks... unless we receive rain.  The lack of rain this season will have a profound effect on the whole of this prairie ocean.

It comes time to go as thanks is given and I leave the creek.

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