Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Friday, March 16, 2012

Chapter 58 Final Page - Trout Season

With only sixteen days left in official trout season and with the weather looking rather rain-swept in the coming days I know that today was the final page in this trout season for me.

Heavy rain is predicted for Monday and Tuesday followed by chances of rain each day thereafter.  The price of petro at the pump hit $3.72 here yesterday.  The carp are getting extremely active right now and all these things come together to form a perfect storm of not going to the pretty fish anymore this month. 

Today, Mercurio, Charlie and myself attended the end of trout season celebration at the headquarters building at Blue River.  The wildlife department fed everyone fish, fries, hush puppies, cole slaw and baked beans - it was rather good. 

While we were there the proceeds from the One Fly tournament, along with a personal donation from Merc, were turned over to the wildlife department.  The total amount was $1,000.00.  I spoke with an official of the wildlife department who is in charge of federal matching funds and he told me that indeed our donation would be matched and the net result for Blue River would be $4,000.00.  Not bad.  So, a big thank you to all those fly fishers at Blue River who willing signed up and participated in the One Fly - you guys did good.

After lunch, Merc and I had already decided to go fishing at Blue.  Asking Charlie if he would go he said he had things he needed to do around the inn.  Like we believed that - Charlie had things to do, but it was probably carp by fly fishing things. 

Leaving the headquarters building I followed Merc to the river.  No... that's not my Tweety Bird, I was in Miss Carol's pickup today. 

We went about our fishing in a slow relaxed way today, looking at unfamiliar and not-often fished water.  We didn't catch a lot of fish, but fish we caught including perch, spotted bass, and yes trout. 

I got the pleasure of watching Merc sight fish a couple of trout.  He kept drifting his fly by these trout and they turned a couple of times on the fly but just wouldn't eat.  So, Merc switched gears and went smaller and on the first drift a trout ate the fly.

The weather was rather warm and humid today and the river was running pretty.  It was so warm and humid some kids from Texas has skinned down to little clothing and were joyfully playing in the still rather cool water.  Kids are tough you know.

After we were through fishing, we drank one beer together while visiting with Matt. 

Today was a pleasant day on the river Blue - no rush, no hurry, no pressure.  Just good friendship on a pretty little river.  

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