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Blue River Fly Classic
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Good News For The Prairie Ocean

In the long waged battle over water there came some rather good news this week for this prairie ocean here in southern Oklahoma. 

The state water board (Oklahoma Water Resources Board) dramatically reduced the amount of groundwater that can be pumped from the Arbuckle-Simpson aquifer.  The Arbuckle-Simpson aquifer is the lifeblood for many streams and rivers including Blue River, Pennington Creek, Turner Falls, and many springs and smaller streams. 

The new allowance for withdrawal of water from the aquifer has been reduced from the current 2 acre feet per year to .20 acre feet or a 90% reduction.  In gallons per acre the reduction is from 651,792 gallons to 65,170.20 gallons. 

This action will ensure a sustainable way of keeping the streams, creeks, and rivers flowing in south central Oklahoma. 

As an angler I am delighted there will adequate water for the carp, trout, bass, perch and other species of fish along with water for the whole community of wildlife. 

More importantly there will now be adequate drinking water for people and water for everyday use along with water for business, agriculture, manufacturing, and yes recreation. 

The Arbuckle-Simpson aquifer is the only sole-source aquifer in Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board recognized the significance of this special and unique aquifer system.

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Gregg said...

Someone was an educated politician. Good news for sure!