Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Conversations With Carp - Instinct

I guess after today, December 1st, 2012 will forever be etched in my memory.  After catching my first ever carp by fly in the month of December this morning, I went back to the creek this afternoon and introduced myself to two more December carp. 

Who amongst us can explain instinct?  It's an ability to have capacity or know when to act.  That's what it was all about this afternoon on the creek.

Conditions as far as wind, riffling, and glare could not have been more demanding.  There was a southerly wind clipping at 25 miles per hour and I was fishing east to west across the creek.  About twenty-five feet out, near the far side of the bank, I could see the shadow of a good size carp.  Thank goodness I brought the six weight with the Rio line this afternoon because I would be roll casting across the current of the wind. 

Somehow, I managed a good roll and the fly landed slightly to the left of the carp.  I watched the carp slowly turn to his right and then somehow I just knew she was on the fly.  It was time to go for a hook-set and as I did I felt a solid connection followed by a sudden burst of power.

The carp of this morning had no fight, but this carp did because it was a decent sized beeve.  It took me a long time to bring it to hand.  The Creek Critter was the candy.

It was time to visit another pasture and at the pasture known as Big Well Springs, I fixed a target on another nice sized carp. 
The Creek Critter came through once more.
How's that for a crotch shot?  Well... the fish was near my crotch, but kind of.... slid down you know. 
With carp slime all over my waders I carried the fish upstream about fifteen feet to clear water to let the creature return to life. 
The fish said goodbye with one big swirl.  Carp by fly in December in Oklahoma.  There's something quite right about that, but something quite wrong.

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Gregg said...

Everything sounds right to me! Good job in less than perfect conditions, and season.