Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Personal Trails - A Dog Named Drift

It's been over seven years since I lost my good friend and trout scout Smokey.  All this time I have resisted the idea of taking another furry friend as a companion dog and perhaps it's been out of the fear of another potential loss.  However, we must continue on and take what life gives us and recently life gave me another opportunity to share my everyday with a sweet little pooch.

I named him Drift.  Drift seemed to fit for a couple of reasons.  One reason is that drift is a well known, and used, fly fishing term and without doubt fly fishing is a large part of my life.  Also, drift seemed to fit what I knew about this little dog. 

He is a vagabond type of dog and through his travels he came to take up temporary residence at the home of my young boss.  Drift seemed to be just fine staying outside my bosses home, but with the harshness of winter coming about, the boss was concerned that this small breed and short-haired dog would not fare well. 

So Drift has now traded his free-ranging ways to a warm place on the living room sofa or love seat.  It's been a hard adjustment for him and I can tell he longs for the hobo life.

I will have to admit he is a dedicated dog and when I am home he's not more than two feet from me.  It's been not only an adjustment for him but yours truly also, because morning, noon, and night now I find myself dedicating a good amount of time taking Drift to the outdoors that he so loves.  An outdoors that I share a love for.

Of course all good things are worth working for and it will take some time for Drift to learn to respect the command of my voice.  I noticed right away that Drift owns what I call a running bone and therefore a leash will be necessary until we build up time and trust together.  I think the biggest obstacle to achieving this goal is the fact that Drift didn't come to me as a young dog - he has a few years on him and is set in his ways.  The trust factor will be vital.
Of course it's my hope that the day will come that Drift and I can explore the Blue River together and for me not to worry about him going Houdini. 
He's a smart dog - extremely smart.  I think he's going to make a wonderful fly-fishing friend. 


Kevin said...

Sounds like two outdoor nuts made for each other! Gives you even more reason to get "out there" wherever that may be. I'm glad you found each other...some things are just meant to be. We lost our companion August 1st. I still find myself driving into the garage expecting to hear her bark and then be greeted by sparkling eyes and a wagging tail.

Russell said...

Congrats, Barry! Let's see some more pics.

nmn52 said...

Just like people, animals coming into our lives for a reason. It sounds like D & B will make a special team with great stories to come! Enjoy the coming soon unconditional love once again.

Barry said...

nmn52... I think you nailed it with unconditional love. Thanks.

Jordan Fenner said...

Hi Barry, my name is Jordan and I am visiting from out of town. My wife is from OK and we are here for the holidays. I'm an avid flyfisherman and plan on making a run or two to the blue river. I'm looking for tips on flies and good stretches etc. to maximize my time exploring the river. I couldn't find an email for you, so I'm posting here in hopes that you will share your expertise with me. Thanks a bunch, and I enjoyed reading through your blog. If you get a chance hit me back at
take care!

Gregg said...

Good for you both Barry. Sure miss my boys' last dog even though it knew it was theirs and I was simply auxillary love. Have fun!