Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dear Carp - The Rematch And The Blessing

Dear Carp,

Yesterday I went to the mercantile store extra early, where I worked in a fevered pace and harder than usual in order to leave the store early and come to you.  I came to you and yours looking for a redeeming rematch to the whipping I took the day prior. 

When I arrived at your home the thunder clouds had begun to form and take a firm stance.  The thunder was rolling and lightning streaked across the western sky.  The sky was letting go of only a few sprinkles of rain, but they seemed to be drops of hope.

In the upper shallows I saw one of your citizens that was quite impressive, so I sent out a Creek Critter his way.  My gift landed to his right and I watched his movement, which told me he liked what he saw.  A soft jab followed and we were connected in the rematch that I was looking for.

This fellow was stout with big shoulders and it wasn't long until he took me to the center of the mat, if you will, and there we found ourselves in the middle of the creek as the sky opened up and the good rains came.  The thunder was now louder and the lightning even more threatening.  I felt like I was in an unsafe place, but it was the place I wanted to be in hopes of making my comeback. 

Ten minutes passed and I finally worked my opponent into a corner and in this case the corner was the fringe of the creek.  With a gentle and subtle hand I took his tail in my hand and with my other hand cradle his underside to lift him out of the water.

After visiting with this citizen it was time to get him back in the drink and say adios.  He swam away quite healthy.
It wasn't long after the battle the real blessing for you and your kind not to mention angler alike came.  The sky opened up even more and the most delightful thunder shower began.  An inch and half of rain is what we received and although we need much more, this event certainly helps us all. 
Blessings sometimes come in short portions and perhaps more will come our way.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher


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Gregg said...

You have pretty fish there Barry. May the rains continue.