Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, November 17, 2008

More About The Derby

Sunday morning came and instead of going to the derby at Blue River I found myself going to work. I was out of the workplace by 10:00 a.m. and my first thought was I could make it to the river and fish for an hour or so but then I thought phooey on that. I did make the weigh-in because I wanted to see Susie's memorial award presented, take some pictures, and say hello to some of the guy's. I arrived at the weigh-in at 12:30 and the weigh-in would be thirty minutes later.

On my way in I crossed a small creek, it's one of the feeder branches of Sandy Creek or the Sandy Creek system. Sandy Creek is one of two feeder streams that serve the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is not only a wonderful fishery but serves as a resting point for migatory fowl. As I crossed this creek something caught by eye. There were two small deer standing in the mostly dry creek trying to water from the last remaining stagnant pool. I stopped and backed up and took a picture of one of the deer. It saddened me to think how dry the prairie ocean has become and it drying up more each passing day. This small feeder creek is only a mile or so from Blue River and that is most concerning. Now...this little creek may be considered an annual waterway but it's a waterway no less. Our water is slowly going away.

Chris Adams had a good day Sunday weighing in and winning the heaviest stringer fly fishing. Now Chris is quite the angler and I don't now how many of these derby plaques he has on his wall now...probably ten or more. You can always count on Chris to make a showing for the fly fishing community at Blue River.

Now on the subject of anglers I don't know if there are any that compare to the Flynn brothers of Sherman, Texas. For the last several years running one or the other Flynn's have won the overall trout derby and this year it was Shawn with over seventeen pounds as a total stringer. And...his brother Roger weighed in the heaviest trout for the derby.

And then there is Mr. Cody and with Cody is Tyler McColloum another fine and disciplined outdoorsman. When I look at these two young men I know I'm looking at the future of Blue River. These boys know what the words outdoor ethics mean and they practice it with a fervor.

The next trout derby will be in February and yes I'll be there. I'll buy a ticket like I always do just to support the derby and hope I can contribute in some other ways. As far as competing in the future derbies...I'm certainly going to try but it's not getting any easier for some like me. Heck, like I said last year I reached my goal as far as the competing in the derby with my name on Susie's award just one time. However, there is another goal I would like to pursue. I would like to see a younger fly fishing crowd join in on the derby competitions. And when I say younger, that is probably anyone that is forty years old or younger. Now that leaves a lot of wiggle room, so all you guy's and gal's born in the seventies or later be thinking about it. Carry on the tradition for the fly fishing community.

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