Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mi Amigo

I always enjoy to hear from Michael Mercurio from Arlington, Texas. I particularly enjoy knowing when he's headed for the Lady Blue because when Michael plans a trip to Blue he packs a big bag of enthusiasm not just for Blue but for fly fishing as a whole. Michael is really on fire for fly-fishing besides being one of Blue's biggest supporters and fans.

You see, when he's not partaking in the pleasures of Blue he's heavily involved in the famous waters of the San Juan. Michael is partners in Aztec Anglers and a director of the San Juan River Foundation. He also stays busy with his blog at flyfishpimp. Hell'va unique name huh?

Last Friday, Merc was up in the C&R and he and I agreed to meet at Seventeen at the end of the day to swap flies, visit, and maybe fish a little. Well, Michael was running slightly behind and I had already taken my waders off when he showed up. Anyhow, Michael couldn't leave without fishing Seventeen, which I believe he loves as much as I, so Miss Carol and I followed him down to take some pics.

I tell you what...I've seen some good drifting fly-fishers but Michael's line and hand control is simply awesome. The fly line coming out of his hand looks slick, almost fluid-like and it's a wonderful artsy thing to watch. I asked Michael what kind of line he had on and I believe he said Rio. May just have to get me some of that stuff.

When he got his first fish at Seventeen on Miss Carol and I bid Michael farewell and left him to his water. We knew it was getting late for him and he still had a drive back to Texas so we certainly didn't want this showman of fly-fishing somehow feeling obiligated to perform any encores.

Visit Michael's blog at flyfishpimp.


Byron said...

Barry, Found your blog a while back... Fantastic job! I'm an avid fly fisherman myself and made my first trip to the blue a few weeks back when the water was roaring after all that rain. Knew it'd be pretty un-fishable, though thought it'd be the perfect time to scout out all that it has to offer, as well as start a personal map. I am making my second trip up this coming Wednesday the 18th. Beautiful up there! I walked the majority of the river (amongst a 20 mile detour in the truck due to the bridge being out..later discovered tower road crossing..ha). I've seen you mention of different locations, though I am clueless of to where everything is located on the blue. I have had no luck in finding any detailed info/maps. I've fished the LMF, San Juan, Animas, Cannon,Red, and Cimmaron and yet the Blue has a special allure being a natural river with all the braids and pools, and so close to home. I am a c&r only fly fisherman and would sincerely appreciate any feedback you might be able to offer.
Thanks and tight lines!

Barry said...

Byron, you'll probably really enjoy the delayed harvest catch & release area north of the highway 7bridge. If you are coming from the west traveling east park at the livestock corrals. You can pick up the trail there and it's a much shorter walk. You'll still have about a two mile or better walk to the C&R but it's well worth the effort.

Email me at and I'll give you more details about the C&R, the south wilderness area which I think you'll really love, and the main campground area that carries a lot of "named" water.

Good luck sir.