Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One At 17 For Eleven

2009/2010 Trout Season - Fishing Day Two

I cleverly devised this plan at the workplace where I will be in Tishomingo each Tuesday and of course I'll only be nine miles away from the river. I figure this new plan of mine is going to add about twenty additional fishing days at Blue this season. Today, I put my plan to work but there were a few hitches. I got hung-up at one of the other stores and got a really late start going to Blue.

I arrived at Blue at about one o'clock and decided to spend some time with beloved 17. I would end up spending one hour with 17 and meeting eleven bows.

I could tell you that today was a totally different story from yesterday and I would be telling you the truth. And, I could tell you today was just like yesterday and still be telling you the truth. Today...was a combination of both.

At the bank at 17 I noticed how much clearer the water here was today, compared to the Flats yesterday, so I decided to tie on an olive-yellow split-tail size 12 bugger and fish it as we normally would fish a bugger.

My first down and across cast with a swing resulted in a strike but no hook-set. My second cast would end up the same, but on the third cast I met my first bow of the day. The down and across presentation with the swing would take six bows but bow number six unraveled my olive-yellow split tail.

Next I tied on a red ass olive bugger same size and on the first cast met another bow. But after bow number seven there was nothing. It was then I decided to try what worked yesterday with that being a straight across cast and mend like crazy. Three presentations this way brought three bows and worked quite well until bow number eleven. Then everything shut down, and I couldn't have bought a bow after that.

Before I left however I decided to tie on a Crackleback trailer with the bugger and the first cast resulted in a strike but no hook-up. I made twenty more casts and it was nada, zilch, nothing. It was time for me to go.

Even though I had only been with Blue for an hour it was a good hour but I had pressing things at home to tend too.

Again today I didn't dare take the camera into the river because I'm still not confident in my wading abilities with the extra flow and still somewhat dim waters. The river should be excellent in the next couple of days.

On my way out I saw Chris Adams fly-fishing at Chris's Pool. I didn't stop and bother him because he looked extremely contented. I left Chris to his water.


The Hoot and Doot Cowboy Fishing Show said...

what was the size of these fish today? How long does it take for the fish that were loaded in Blue on Friday to get some size on them.


Barry said...

These early stockers are about eight or nine inches. Since this is a put and take river and at times there is tremendous demand on the trout, few get to put any real size on. In January however, the wildlife department switches hatcheries and the trout they put in the rest of the season are quite niced size. They'll range from 14 to 18 inches. Quality fishing for sure.