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Blue River Fly Classic
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mixed Emotions On Blue?

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With Rainbow trout season at Blue River being just a matter of weeks away, we should all be prepared for something a little different in the stocking program compared to years prior. 

Some of you remember last year the poll that asked the angling community as to their desire in the number and size of the Rainbow trout stocked in Blue.  Those that participated in the poll overwhelming chose, larger but fewer trout. 

Now, I thought that was the way I voted also, but looking back on some of my notes I discover that no... I voted for a season long mix of standard stockers and larger trout. 

One of the members of the BRFF recently had a discussion with Matt Gamble, area manager of Blue, and it looks like the larger but fewer trout plan is going in effect this season.  Ralph reported that Matt stated the first several stockings would be standard size stockers and the number of these trout would remain the same as in past years.  But, after those initial stockings, the trout will be somewhat larger, but fewer.

How this new effort is taken by the whole of the angling community at Blue remains to be seen.  If you're an angler that simply likes catching a lot of fish, then you may not like it.  But, if you're an angler that likes to catch larger fish... then you'll like this new effort. 

I think the only reason I voted for a good mix is because I see so many young anglers on Blue and I want those kids to have as many opportunities to catch trout as possible.  It's my simple belief that if they can catch a trout then we are creating future anglers for years to come.
Now, one option that wasn't available on the poll last year was... "More Fish And Larger."  I guess everyone and their dog would have voted for that option, but my gosh what a budget buster that would be for the wildlife department.   And... I remember something that Matt said to me sometime ago, "We don't want to make Blue, like Roaring River."  Matt is absolutely correct about that.  Roaring River is crowded elbow to elbow fishing and such a scenario at Blue would not be a good quality fishing experience.

It's going to be interesting to see how this season unfolds. 
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