Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bass, Carp, And Summer Early

Seems like summer has arrived a little early here on the prairie ocean.  Yesterday, the thermometer reached 96 degrees, and today... was a repeat performance. 

The creek continues to struggle even though we have received some rain over the last thirty days.  Most life in and along the creek seem to be holding their own especially the Johnson grass - which most certainly is thriving.  Right now, the Johnson grass is about a foot taller than this fly-fisher and that makes it about six foot and seven inches.  There are few things I can think of that are more aggravating to the caster of fur and feather than Johnson grass and that grainy millet the grass wears as a crown.  I swear this grass, also known as switch, seems to somehow reach up and out and grab the flies we are trying to offer.

When temperatures get to be where they currently are, I'm forced to limit my fishing activity due to some heat problems of years past.  It's either fish early or late, and if that doesn't pan out then time on the water is limited to a couple of hours.  Yesterday, I fished an hour shortly before noon.

Carrying that sweet fiberglass rod, the first fish of the day was a spunky bass that believed he was wall-hanging size.  This fellow put quite a bend in the glass and just wouldn't give in or up easily. 

Although I'm trying my best to protect the carp, those grand and golden ones, from those who wish to end their lives... I'm still fishing for them.  In order to protect this special creatures, out of the way efforts won't be a problem.  If I have to park at one location and walk a long ways to get to the actual fishing spot... I will.  In addition, the locations fished will no longer be divulged.

A young carp came to hand using the same orange pattern that took the bass.  Seems like all the fish, particularly the perch community, favored the color orange on Saturday.

Calling it an outing around the noon hour, a return trip to the creek would take place late in the afternoon.  Two more carp came to hand on the orange colored fly, but, one wouldn't count because the hook somehow impaled in the top portion of the fishes snout.  In other words, the hook was outside the mouth.  The other carp was a young twenty inch Mirror and this little fish took me within two or three feet of the backing.  What a tremendous determination to win and this is why these fish have my admiration.

There is a tremendous amount of life in the creek right now even with the water level being low.  The fry were slashing the water with a frequency they would make one think their numbers would equal a krill community. 

The rest of the late afternoon was spent admiring the life along the creek.  It was a good day.

Future meal for fish or fowl?

Beautiful butterfly contrasted by ugly mud.

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