Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Grand Grandchildren And Fly Fishing

Right now, here in the middle of June, we are experiencing July and August like temperatures.  For this old salt of the water that equates to slowing down a tad bit... as far as time on the water.

The truth is... this body is growing older and I'm not the pony I use to be.  The heat hurts.  Dehydration comes way to easy.  The cramps are, at times, unbearable.

Crap... I can't hop across the rocks like I use to, and now I've have finally accepted this fact that really chaps my ass.  Hey... it's just life.  I'm living the dream man!  Yeah right.

I guess all of us who love fly-fishing want to leave or pass on some of our fishing experiences in an attempt that the art will continue.

When grandson Tanner was eight years old he has his own set of waders, rod, and everything necessary to fly fish.  Tanner and I, along with friends such as Jonathan Boeck, spent some good time on Blue River chasing those beautiful and bright Rainbow trout.  Unfortunately, Tanner would move a good distance away and we didn't get to pursue the art.

Now... there are grand-daughters.

Since it's so hot, I decided to ease-up a bit and concentrate on passing on the fly-fishing culture.  Granddaughter Brilee spends a good time with Carol and I, so on her last visit I took her to a casting stream. 

Putting a four weight rod in her hand, Brilee also received about five minutes of verbal instruction.  As she stood parallel with the stream I simply said, "Go". 

Now, if you would have been there you would have thought Brilee had a spey rod in her hand because she was flinging the darn thing.  And... that was okay.  The important thing was she took an interest... the refinement can come later.

The most impressive thing to me about Brilee was she wasn't a bit intimidated by the rod or the fly line zinging by her head.  She just kept flinging. 

Plans are to get in her in the water and on some fish soon. Perhaps, one more generation of fly fishing faithful will be born.

Brilee with four weight in hand, giving it a go.

Confidence in a small package.

There's another grand-daughter named Payton.  Payton is like this world-class softball player so I know getting a rod in her hand this time of year (softball season) is out of the question.

However, there is always fall... and trout season at Blue River begins in fall... and I hope Payton doesn't blow her arm throwing a runner out at first.
Payton going for gold.

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