Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Conversations With Carp - Limited Cozing

Since July 7th, we've had five rain events.  Now that may sound significant, but when I added up the total rainfall from each event the amount was only eight tenths of an inch. 

Of course we are thankful for every drop rain we get, but the simple truth is it wasn't enough to solve the long term problem of a shrinking creek.  Here in Oklahoma, we are in the same pickle as much of the rest the nation finds itself - exceptional drought. 

Surprisingly though the first three rain events, which came in subsequent days was enough to freshen the creek and wash some of the scum and algae away.  Upon seeing a somewhat healthier looking creek I decide to make some limited and short outings.  Since July 7th, I've been out three times, including this morning, and kept the outings to no more than two hours. 

The truth is I love these creatures.  Yes, I love capturing them, but I also love them for just what they are.  To do anything that might stress them more weighs heavy on this old man's heart and mind. 

The three outings I've made did produce some cozing with carp and here are those images.

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Gregg said...

Nice carp photos Barry! I so wish we had an intimate warmwater creek, and I'm sure we do, but it's well hidden. Good luck on the drought situation. We are dependent on snowpack in the mountains, so that is what we dance for.