Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Conversations With Carp - One Is Better Than None

On Sundays at the mercantile store we have what we call a "church rush".  After attending church services people come to the store to gather items for lunch or perhaps an afternoon picnic or maybe supper. 

As soon as the church rush was over today I decided to head to the bunkhouse for some much needed rest.  To get to the bunkhouse, however, the carp creek must be crossed and it just so happens all the carp gear was stowed in the schooner. 

High noon on the first day of July is the wrong time for this angler to fish due to the heat.  The temperature today was actually a couple of degrees lower than the previous several days, but the humidity was higher. 

After a short conversation with self though, it was easy to convince the carp-by-fly part of me that twenty or thirty minutes wouldn't hurt a thing... including my aging body. 

With the same fly as used yesterday, a course downstream to a pool of water that neither Charlie or me fish very often was struck.  As to why we don't fish it often begs a question - there are some carp there and they are equally deserving of some rich conversation. 

In a shallow run is a feeding carp.  The black body red stinger tail Curiosity is rolled out to the fish, but the fly lands beyond and in front of the carp.  The option seems to be to drag the fly in front of the fish and once employed the carp eats it right away. 

Fifteen minutes had yet to pass, but I was sweating profusely and decided to call it a day.  When we get down to the level of the creek there is no air at all because the massive amount of trees that line the bank serve as a wind break. This one carp would be the extent of the carp-by-fly life on this given day.  One is better than none though. 

The streamflow of the creek is at least fifty percent lower than what it was just a month ago.  If we fail to receive rain anytime soon I think it will be my decision to stop fishing for these creatures until the rain arrives. 


Gregg said...


One Is better than none, good job. You have a nice creek, very unusual here, wish I had one. Our creeks have trout, not my quarry. I'll keep scouting.


Barry said...

Yes Gregg it's a sweet little creek, but looking poorly these days. Praying for rain here. Good luck on your scouting. I wish you the best.