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Blue River Fly Classic
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Follow Up On Our Beloved Carp Apparel

Back on June 11th, I posted an article entitled "Our Beloved Carp Apparel".  My posting was instigated and in response to Trevor Tanner's article "Ode To Stank", where Trevor reveals his attachment to a certain cap that had certainly reached gnarly and stank status. 

When I published my post on June 11th, I figured there were other carp-by-fly fans that were just like Trevor and me, and they too just couldn't let go of certain pieces of apparel that had been with them for time. 

Sure enough, it wasn't long until I hear from Gregg Martin in Idaho and not only is Gregg the owner of crusty gear, it seems he has a whole collection of gnarled and stank-status carp-by-fly head wear. 

With Gregg, I think we may very well have found the kingpin of crud and I feel obliged to share his collection. 

The stinky, stank-status, crusty, crud-laden, and gnarly carp gear that we own are more than products of grime and grit.  These pieces of apparel have involved blood, sweat, and tears.  Blood from thorny bushes and sharp hook points; sweat from the sweltering temperatures of summer; and tears from the times those behemoth carp snap our leaders when there only seconds away from our grasp. 

Here's Gregg's offerings.


Trevor Tanner said...

I can't believe I missed your first post on this. Pretty hilarious. I am quite certain my carpe-carpio hat would be able to walk on it's own after 17 years. I grudgingly concede the gnarly title to you and Gregg.

Barry said...

Besides loving to chase carp by fly, we most certainly can't let go of our character embeded in our gear through the whole wonderful process.

Gregg said...

A bald front of head helps!