Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Conversations With Carp - Said And Done

With a crestfallen spirit this morning, I kept looking at the dry falls, and bed downstream, on upper Rock Creek. I questioned god once when my wife died, but I'll never do that again - it's not my place.  Still, however, I often wonder why some things have to take place. 

Last Saturday I posted a picture of the minimal flow on upper Rock Creek and have posted the picture again.

This morning I took this picture below that shows what can happen in one short week when we are absent of rain.

There is a tremendous community of fish and other water life in this area of Rock Creek and now all this life is at risk.  The carp that Charlie and I so love may very well become stranded and begin to perish.  If it comes to that I'll begin to rescue the carp and take them downstream to where there is a confluence.  Some will say that is interfering with natural selection, but I no longer believe in natural selection because the activity of humankind has terribly altered and affected that pure process.  The pale horse is at the fringe of this creek.

As far as continued conversations with carp in this part of the creek - all is said and done. 


Gregg said...


A good idea. We have a pond they drain, or try to, every year. The carp are sometimes there with their backs out of the water. Often there is 12" of water under the ice of a remnant pool, and they somehow survive. I do wish I could rescue them but to do so would be engaging the wrath of the IDFG for transporting live fish, and carp would really bother them. And, where would and how could I transport tons of carp?


Barry said...


I'm not talking about transplanting these fish... I would never do that. I'm simply saying I will take them further downstream below the confluence of a spring fed creek where there is adequate flow. Hopefully, rain will come and I won't have to.

Trevor Tanner said...

Man, that is heartbreaking. It the explanation for why your carp have seemed to be getting bigger year to year. You probably started relatively quickly after a cyclic low water carp kill.