Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fly Fishing For Carp - Lazy Sunday Carper

Was I ever worthless today.  I'm talking about a total case of laziness my friends. 

I awoke this Sunday morning the same time as usual, which is something I can't seem to not do.  After shuffling around the bunkhouse for an hour, I decided to drag my lethargic butt to the mercantile store to take care of something in need of taking care of. 

Then, it was back to the bunkhouse where I read some outdoor reports and a couple of blogs I follow.  Eventually got around to ordering a couple of shirts from The Fiberglass Manifesto and in doing so I wondered if this might be the highlight of my day. 

Finally, about an hour before noon and during intermittent rain showers I hit the creek to see what the carp were up to.  It really wasn't the ideal day for carping - completely overcast sky, rain drops now falling at a steady clip, and a lack of energy on my part.

At the creek it didn't take long to discover I wasn't the only one who was lazy this day.  The carp were too.  I could see them - just kind of hovering in the water column - like a day at the poolside drinking ice tea or a Tom Collins.  And... they sure weren't interested in eating. 

Finally a mud cloud was spotted, along with the faint image of a tail.  A black body with red stinger Curiosity was put into the liquid mud pie and eyes were fixed on the tail.  The carp didn't budge an inch so a little strip was employed and that's when the tail waved and lurched forward.  A soft hook-set followed by a firm follow-up resulted in a solid hook-up. 

I would get one more decent shot at a carp, but this opportunity would be problematic.  Fishing narrow and shallow water there was a carp about fifteen feet upstream from my position.  In between the carp and me was an overhanging tree branch that almost touched the creek.  Not wanting to move another inch, out of fear of spooking the fish, I would have to cast sidearm and hope the fly line would be a curve ball.  From the get-go I figure I would blow this cast, but much to my surprise the fly landed about a foot directly in front of the carp.  As soon as the fly hit the drink, a young bass hopped on it and robbed me of a possible carp tally.
After the bass, I went further upstream where I discovered the catfish had a little more energy and enthusiasm than the carp. 
Catfish on a fly has been crazy this carp season.  Charlie and I together have probably caught 100 catfish without wanting to. 
After this catfish this afternoon, my laziness became worse.  So, I take my worthless self home and take a lazy man's nap. 
Lazy is good... sometimes. 

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