Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dear Carp - January 20, 2013

Dear Carp,

Yesterday I was with those pretty little fish - the ones with rainbow colors.  When I finished my visit with these sweet creatures I wanted to come see you, but time ran out. 

Today, I owed great servitude to the mercantile store.  So much servitude I wondered if I would visit you today or not.  This servitude also cost me an opportunity to see the wonderful play Jekyll and Hyde with front row seats - best seats in the house, all courtesy of one Mr. Charlie Wright. 

The servitude was paid in full an hour after the afternoon hours arrived, but that still did not leave time to make the opening act.  By the time I would have arrived at the theater, the curtain call would be in session.  However, there was enough time to come see you and it was indeed a fine, sunlit day. 

If you have been missing your friend Charlie of late, it is not because he has lost his affection for you and your kind.  Charlie has been taken by the flu and is resting and recovering.  I assure you he will come see you again, unless the call and serenity of San Miquel de Allende takes him from us for good. 

My friends, it was my hope today to meet one of you but I had doubt as to whether the coldness of your home would have you interested at all with any form of conversation. 

To my delight I could see that a number of you were holding communion on the far side of this creek you call home.  My offering to you today was the same as offered many times before.  A favored fly or yours and mine alike - a fly of hope and expectation. 

One of your kind found a fancy for the Critter today. but his signal was quite faint - barely a movement in my leader.  The connection was good though and our dialogue began.

The clearness of your watery home let me see that this kin of yours was a magnificent citizen.  Not wanting our conversation to be cut short I walked this brethren 100 feet downstream to the shallows so my hand could brand your kin.
The take from this fine citizen was so faint that my lasso went deeper than I wanted into the mouth.  The sharp lance was two inches deep into the throat but in the roof of the mouth.  However, the debarbed lance backed out easily with no harm to your kin.
I know that you see those that come to your home and lay their trash in the place you live, eat, and celebrate life.  I too see the nasty artifacts they leave behind.  Today, I removed one that had begun to leech - one similar to one removed earlier this past summer. 
Why they come to your home with their trash is a puzzle to me and you alike.  I pledge to you, however, that I will follow their footsteps of stupidity, ignorance, and indifference as I rid you of their refuse.  This year, the one called 2013 will be the year of your kind.  In the coming months, through the spring, summer, fall and next winter I will give you a cleaner and healthier home. 
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher


Gregg said...

All good Barry!

Of course you clean up after slobs, wouldn't expect less. Nice fish! Unusual cold here, Snake R. frozen over, unusual where it flows, not a reservoir. Hope it warms like they say it should soon.


Barry said...


I hope you thaw soon and get back to carpin'. Hope this year is a great one for you.