Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dear Carp - February 3rd, 2013

Dear Carp,

Today we find ourselves three days into the fine month of February and I had yet to meet any of you this month. 

Yesterday, as the groundhog was telling us we would be having an early spring, I was spending time with the pretty fish at Blue River.  To be honest with you, however, I did not have a lot of energy for the trout and left early leaving them to the fur and feather of Van - a man who has quickly become quite the fly angler and someone I am sure you will meet in the near future. 

As I was coming your way today I had it in my mind that I would find you as you have been here of late - gathered in garrison and basking in the warming sun.  When I arrived at the doorstep of your home my suspicion was confirmed.

Normally, when I find the lot of you basking like this there is little or no interest in eating.  But, there was one dandy chap who did have a little bit of an appetite and we would have us a chin-chin.  He was a dandy fighter I should say. 
Our friend Charlie has made travel to Mexico.  Before leaving though he suggested that we try sending our offerings to you by a method that has been perfected by a fine fly fisher in Idaho named Gregg.  The idea is to take our offerings and float them to you with a flotation device.  Now to Gregg it has become natural, but for me it seems foreign.
However I would try this method today and selected a yellow and brown bodied Creek Critter to drift in front of your searching eyes.  It wasn't long until a connection was made, but it was oh so brief.  It seems with this method being new to me I wasn't quite ready and the citizen who dialed me suddenly cut that call short. 
One more opportunity would come my way using this method, but again I wasn't attentive enough and wasn't ready for the signal one of yours sent to me. 
I hope you didn't think I wasn't in a visiting mood today since my stay with you was quite brief.  I left you early because the sun went behind the clouds and your presence to me was no longer there. 
In my absent mindedness I once again forgot the big trash bag, but trash was removed from your home.  Hopefully, with my next trip, a great deal more will disappear your abode. 
I am home now tying some more offerings to present to you.  I hope to see you in the coming days. 
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher

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Gregg said...


Holy Cow, what a sight I won't see for some time. That indicator works well at times, 99% though I use an egg, I honestly think they hold onto it, that possible milisecond helps. In clear water I see it taken as it approaches fish a cast may have frightened. But you catch them anyway, all good.