Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dear Carp - February 7th, 2013

Dear Carp,

There hasn't been much chance to visit with you this week.  The weather is in a most unsettled pattern and I am sure this has much effect on your kind.  You should know that it effects the angler also. As I am writing you now, the sky is troubled and we are receiving a most wonderful rain event. 

Early this morning, at the mercantile store, I stepped out the back door about the time the fog-bank was lifting and looked toward the sea lane that is your home.  I couldn't keep from wondering if you were grazing under the cover of the fog or if the water was still too cold.  I know that I am still a month or so too early to have any hopes of meeting your kind in fair numbers. 

I did meet one of your community members on the first day of this week.  He was a splendid citizen - a young chap with a gallant amount of fight.  I'll never forget how attracted he was to the Creek Critter and how he dove and intercepted the offering mid-column.  For me, it was an absolutely beautiful thing to watch and I am a lucky man to see such things take place.

For sure the weather is not allowing the sea lanes to warm enough so your kind and I can have many conversations.  However, my impetuous self will not allow my body or soul to rest.  I find myself thinking about you during the day, sometimes dreaming about you at night, pouring over the journals of our encounters and chin-chins of seasons past.
Speaking of seasons past, I was reading through journal entries of last year and could not keep from noticing that there were two gifts you favored more than others.  Your favorite gift of last year was the Creek Critter, and following closely was the gift I call the Curiosity. 
It may interest you to know that I was reading my journal during tilts of the pilsner brown.  The more I read, and the more the pilsner brown was held high... the more my mind opened.  It wasn't along until the thought of taking your two favorite gifts of last year and marrying the two together came about.  And so, I went to the vise. 
At the vise I took the red stinger tail that belongs to the Curiosity and employed in on the basic Creek Critter pattern.  As a result, a gift I will call the Curious Creek Critter was born.
Now you might wonder where the credit is due for the creation of this gift.  Was it the success of the two gifts of last year?  Was it the effect of the pilsner brown?  Or, was it simply something that came from the darkest recesses of the id of an ordinary man? 
If I were a betting man, I would say it was the effect of the pilsner brown. 
Soon I will bring this new gift to you and hope you like it.  If you don't, then I will go back to my prairie home and tilt a few more pilsner browns in search of a new creativity.
Prairie Ocean Fly Fisher    


Gregg said...


You know that's going to be a winner. Glad for the picture. I have fish on the flats in a local pond thick as the fog that covers them in November, they were there in your creek I imagine from that. Keep the conversations coming!


RokFish said...

Hey Barry.

Your blog sure has given me carp fever and the desire to try them on the fly. Unfortunately, I am not a fly tyer. Would you be willing to tie me up ten of whatever might work in central Oklahoma creeks and rivers for a princely sum, including shipping and handling? Or if you know of a commercial pattern that would work that would be fine too. Thank you! You can email me your mailing address at:

Barry said...


I sent you an email. If you don't get it then check your junk or spam folder.