Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Bugger Bombed

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Today on the river Blue, the venerable Woolly Bugger bombed.  At least for me.  I was fishing those tandem rigs I use with the bugger being the lead or deeper column fly.  The first trailer I used was a hot bodied soft hackle and this puppy took several bows.  The bugger took none.

Then came the Partridge and Orange and this pattern also took a couple of bows, but the bugger bombed.  Then the Crackleback came and same results - trout on the Crackleback... bugger feeling like an outcast.  The Hare's Ear steps up to the plate and the bows liked it... poor bugger. 

I sent the bugger to the dug-out and told him to get his crap together.  Put the beadhead Hare's Ear on the mound and this pattern was fairly popular.  Next, a size 18 Flashback Pheasant Tail and this proved to be the hottest pattern of the morning fishing a fairly slow hole. 

Not to be outdone by the trout however, I call the bugger back and send him downstream from the crossing and finally he finds a couple of bows.  But... for the most part the bugger bombed today.

These fish are really stacked up.  If you can get a pool where they are you'll have a banner day.  I watched a couple of fly-fishers fish the same pool that Donny Carter did on Wednesday and Larry Horton fished yesterday.  I bet they caught 50 trout in a row.  It was ridiculous... but fun I bet.
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Harley said...


The bugger was no bueno for me yesturday as well! The San Juan and Zebra Midge on the other hand were hot!

Barry said...

Harley!!!! Good to hear from you. Hope you're catching lots of bows. You fishing the north?

Harley said...

I am, I ventured south of HWY 7 on the west side of the bridge for a while and found a few bows but a few more snakes! I took a Marine friend of mine who was in Vietnam fly fishing for veterans day. It's the best way I could say thank you and I'm pretty sure we have a new member to the band of bug chunkers!

I look forward to seeing you on the water!

Robin said...

and don't forget the fact that that little bugger (pun intended) was doing yeoman duty holding the end of the tippet down so that those closer flies could do their thang. But of course double action is so much more fun.