Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Which One Wins

On the Rock Creek current
of the Prairie Ocean wide -
a place of inner peace,
ceasing of questions and doubt.
I come for a carp by fly.

The sun is unkind today,
ever-telling of my presence.
The wind is unkind today,
driven riffles blinding my view.
But, I come for a carp by fly.

Autmun's beauty is unkind today,
weaving a blanket of leaves.
A barrier from which I seek,
cover for that which alludes me.
But, I come for a carp by fly.

Squinting eyes, shaded, labored eyes,
intently looking for a hint.
The beasts are there I know,
oh, they see me... I sense it!
I come for you my friends.

The rains promised did come,
is Mother on my side?
For the creek still fades,
becoming shallow as gin.
But, still hope for a carp by fly.

Hunting, stalking,
looking for a chance.
Hunting, stalking,
hoping for a glimpse.
A glimpse of hope today.

Under a blanket, carp are there,
gently feeding, taking feast.
The stealth is good,
unknown to beasts.
My friends we have met.

Through a blanket tear,
the fly splits the carp.
Both come quickly,
for a prize to win.
Only one can come to me.

One carp wins the offering,
as he becomes mine.
One carp looses the offering,
as he is not mine.
Which one wins?

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Robin said...

Thank you Barry, just thank you.