Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Sweet Advantages Of Custom Furled Leaders

There are some distinct advantages in using custom furled leaders compared to standard mono leaders.  Recently, I received an order of custom leaders from Robin Rhyne of McKinney, Texas ( ).  I couldn't wait to get them affixed on my fly lines.  Rigged one up for trout on the river Blue, and the other will be used for those Prairie Ocean Bonefish on Rock Creek.

What are some of the advantages?  How about consistent turnover of the leader.  With these furled leaders you will instantly notice how your leader, tippet, will lay out gently over the water. 

Another advantage is the way furled leaders perform in casting into strong winds.  They are sturdy enough to drive the fly, with authority, to the intended target. 

Ever have a surprise strike and a trout take the fly off the tippet?  Yeah... it happens.  But, Robin's furled leaders are like shock absorbers and they'll prevent losing the fly without a chance at the fight. 

Bye-bye tailing loops.  I've always had a terrible time with tailing loops.  Most say it's because I have too much power on the forward stroke and they're probably right.  However, I've noticed when using one of these four foot mono leaders with four foot of tippet attached... my tailing loops go away.  I attribute this success to the sturdiness of the furled leader - it simply drives and lays the tippet out without a power failure. 

Last there is the long run cost.  Furled leaders may cost a little more up front, but they last me three or four times longer than mono leaders and therefore the economics is in furled leaders. 

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