Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Carp Redux 2011 - Crazy Charlie Reincarnated

Since my favorite Crazy Charlie fly gave his life at sea yesterday, a little vise time was dedicated last night and a new white holographic with peacock underbody Charlie came to life.

At 7:59 this morning I clocked out at work telling my co-workers I'd be on the creek for a short while.  I am extremely fortunate to have an employer that tolerates my fly fishing addiction.  The boss doesn't understand it, but he's been quite charitable in allowing me to get my fixes.

By 8:10 I was on the water with the new Crazy Charlie ready to go and a lone carp was targeted.  The cast went well and the carp sucked ol' Charlie straight up. 

I take my usual crappy picture (all my pictures are crap), slip the beast back into the drink, and return to work...wet socks and all. 

Pretty sweet.
I was only required to stay at the workplace until ten this morning and decided to make a second run at the creek before the winds gathered. 

Going back to the same pasture the first carp of the day was secured, the Crazy Charlie quickly found carp number two.  
Carp number three was a dan, dan, dandy, but, the hookset was a little iffy barely catching the fringe of the creatures top lip.  The hook pulled out after a minute or so.  The big ones always get away don't they?

After losing the leviathan, it's time to explore another pasture upstream.

Once at the next pasture it's time to give the Crazy Charlie a rest and tie on a Mysis Shrimp.  I know... there aren't any Mysis shrimp in this local water.  So?  Maybe that's why the next carp liked it so much - something new on the menu.

The Mysis dropped about six inches in front of this carp and he sucked it up right away.  Another crappy picture and the beast returned to his watery den. 

At 11 o'clock, the wind was blowing me off the creek so I go to the bunkhouse. 

The last carp of this morning took fancy to a simple tie Mysis Shrimp pattern. 



Robin said...

Carpaholic all tha way! Nice morning with only minimal interruptions from work :-)

That Mysis Shrimp is a good looking fly. Any images of the white holo with peacock under? The one mentioned at the start?

Barry said...

Like I said Robin... I take crap pictures so when I get some more Crazy Charlie's tied up I'll mail you one and you can appreciate the holographic virtues of this fly.

Ward said...

I'll take a dozen...

Barry said...

Hello Captain Ward. Seriously, send me your snail mail and I send you a few to try out.

Ward said...

too cool barry, addy coming your way