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Blue River Fly Classic
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fly Fishing - Closer To Home

In a post of not so long ago, I made the statement that the price of gasoline has a direct effect on the number of trips we fly anglers make.  I went as far as saying that we could graph it out.  I'm still standing by that statement and this morning the price of pony feed went to $3.84 here on the prairie ocean. 

Yesterday, I was at Blue River to have a look to see if the recent rains had changed the complexion of this sweet lady.  There was not a single camper; not a single angler; not a single soul on the river except yours truly. 

Stopping in at Scotty's Blue River One Stop, the store looked remarkably stark just like the river.  Not a single soul in the store.  In visiting with Scotty I learned this had been his worst April ever... and therefore I rest my case as to my argument. 

I don't know who to be more piffed at - those of us who have a love affair with our cars or the Obama administration.  Perhaps my disappointment should be equally divided and directed.  Not living in a glass house I will be the first to admit I can drive less.  Perhaps it will be a meager reduction, maybe 10%, but, I feel like it's a duty I bear.

The price of gasoline is high for two reasons - short supply and speculation.  The supply side is partially our fault, those of us who just have to get behind the wheel whenever the whim hits us.  However, the supply issue is also the partial fault of the Obama administration. 

The current administration, courtesy of the Interior Department, is preventing the increase of production in the Gulf of Mexico, while the EPA is preventing Shell Oil from producing in the Beaufort Seas and Chukchi sea north of Alaska.

Then there is speculation.  By keeping the oil in the ground or under the water, the Obama administration has become the number one speculator.  Speculators buy oil and hold on to it betting that the price of crude will go up in the future.  President Obama and his administration are doing exactly the same thing by preventing the opening of new oil fields.

In a recent address, President Obama stated his desire to end subsidies for oil and gas companies declaring that the time is now to search for alternatives to fossil-fuel.  Such a statement shows the Presidents disconnect with the American consumer.  Such thinking will do nothing to relieve the pain we are feeling at the pump.

I would hope as great as America is we can do two things at once.  Certainly we can open new drilling opportunities, which will relieve the short supply dilemma helping to drop the price of crude, and at the same time explore long term alternatives which many of us favor, including me.

Of course none of us want to see another oil spill disaster like the one created by BP, particularly this enviro/conservationist trooper.  However, this is a risk we will have to run to keep from wrecking the American economy due to the rising price of oil. 

So, from a fly fishing point, I will be fishing closer to home, fly fishing for the carp, bream, and bass.  No trip to the Lower Mountain Fork  like I'd planned.

Maybe I'm being too tough on President Obama.  I mean... how much can I expect out of a guy that doesn't fish, doesn't hunt, probably has never camped in a tent or chopped wood.  

Sure wish a fly fishing, oil drilling, alternative fuel proponent type of guy or gal would run for president.

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