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Monday, April 25, 2011

Conservation - Water Footprint Calculator


The good folk at National Geographic have put together a handy dandy water footprint calculator so we all can see just how much water we are using and just how much we might reduce our footprint.

Water Footprint Calculator

Take the pledge today.  Even 1% can make a difference.

Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer Protection Efforts

The effort to protect the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer continues and we received this message from Amy Ford, President of the Citizens For The Protection Of The Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer (CPASA).

URGENT Action Required!

In support of the Citizens for the Protection of the Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer, Friends of CPASA has been diligently working with the aggregate industry to draft mutually-agreeable statutory language that both sustains the Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer’s sensitive water resources and facilitates economic development. We believe that both these things can be accomplished by responsible management of the Aquifer.

S.B. 597, by Rep. Todd Thomsen and Senator Brian Bingman, passed the Senate and will be heard by the House of Representatives next week. S.B. 597 removes a special exemption held by the aggregates industry and places regulation of "pit water" infiltrating mining operations over sensitive sole-source aquifers under the jurisdiction of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. It also brings parity to the management of all major users in the Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer.

Passage of S.B. 597 is vital to the continued growth and development of the communities overlying the Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer (ASA), Oklahoma’s only sensitive sole-source aquifer. Over 40,000 Oklahoma citizens rely on the ASA for drinking water. Moreover, the ASA is the cornerstone of the region’s economy. Tourist destinations, such as Turner Falls and the Chickasaw National Recreational Area, among others, together supply millions of dollars to local revenues. Additionally, numerous organizations, such as the Slippery Falls Boy Scout Ranch and the Falls Creek Baptist Church Camp, utilize the ASA in furtherance of their altruistic missions.

On Monday (April 25th), we ask that you please contact your State Representative and ask them to support passage of S.B. 597. Friends of CPASA understand the value of outreach. Making phone calls, sending emails, and posting requests for support through your social media to all your friends asking them to do the same will help us see that this vital piece of legislation makes it to the Governor Fallin’s desk for her signature.

If we all work together, we can push S.B. 597 over the finish line!

If you need it, here's a link to find your legislator:


Amy Anne Ford, President

Friends of CPASA

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