Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, April 25, 2011

Carp Redux 2011 - Dingy Water Mirror Carp

I had every intention of getting in a lot of carp by fly time today.  However, Mother Nature had a different idea it seems. 

We received more rain last night and that's a good thing.  It didn't seem like all that much rain however.  Once I got to the creek this morning I knew my fishing would be shortlived.  The creek was as dingy today as yesterday, but the flow was down some. 

Seeing a disturbance in the water downstream, I snuck every so slowly to that spot.  In the shallows was a lone carp mostly hidden from my vision.  Taking a chance I plopped the olive and orange Carpolo Charlie in on his front and watched him.  Within five seconds I lifted the rod tip and felt his presence.

Ten minutes later he was in my hand.  This fish would not give up.  I finally waded out into the creek and scooped him up before he gave himself out entirely.

Since I was on the creek and on foot it made sense to just go ahead and wade downstream in hopes of seeing more carp.  Leaving the pasture known as Honey Hole, I waded through the pastures of Worm Pool, Shipwreck, Well Springs Pool, Well Springs Shallows, the Bend and the Beach.  This is about a mile of water and only two carp were spotted. 

That's part of carping by fly I guess.  If the rain holds off today, the creek should be more fishable tomorrow.  Hopefully. 

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