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Blue River Fly Classic
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carp Redux 2011 - Fifteen Minutes Of Fame?

A week from this Sunday, Charlie and I will have our fifteen minutes of fame courtesy of the Oklahoma Wildlife Department and their television show Outdoors Oklahoma. 

Actually, we will have eighteen minutes of fame because that's how the segment is formatted.  Fifteen, eighteen, it doesn't seem to matter, for once the show airs that fame will most certainly vaporize like a fart in the wind. 

Now, friend and family seem to think differently and are urging me to convince Charlie that we should go ahead and acquire an agent.  You know... one of those agents that deal day in and day out with Hollywood moguls and television executives. 

Although I appreciate the concern of friends and family, I haven't lost that much sleep or worried too much about any possible film career.  I doubt quite seriously that the lads and lassies from Costa or Drake will be burning any cell phone minutes in trying to get in touch with me or Charlie about joining the Fly Fishing Film Tour. 

And, by some chance if they do and they want to talk about future film projects I'll have to politely say, "Well boys, thanks just the same, but, all I want to do is fly fish."

The Fly Fishing For Carp segment will air on OETA on May 8th at 8 a.m., and May 14th at 6 p.m.

Charlie getting wired for filming wildlife department video.

Still photo from action during filming of Fly Fishing For Carp.

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Robin said...

I hope it's posted online somewhere. And don't forget to get a "dee-vuh-dee" burnt!