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Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 104 - Trout Season

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It has felt good.  Being away from the laptop much more than I normally am for the last week has been rather resting and enjoyable.  Sometimes, we have to take a little mental rest and refresh. 

During the week away from the blogosphere I didn't get a whole lot accomplished and it was all by design I'll have to tell you. 

Fishing was mostly out of the question because of work and ever-changing weather patterns.  So, I just relaxed and did some other things I enjoy doing.

On day 99 of trout season I think I may have turned the laptop on twice - once around five in the morning to check the mail and then once that evening.

On day 100 I tied flies.  Trout flies, carp flies, some "Cool Bugs", some white streamers, and of course brown buggers. 

On day 101 I processed more entries for the One Fly contest and begin to print the score cards for the contest.  Printing the score cards using card stock requires me to print them one at a time since the printer is a little cranky and doesn't want to cooperate fully. 

On day 102 I read.  I read old fly fishing articles and some new material.  Reading seems to open the mind and I enjoy it thoroughly.  Also on day 102 came news of a wonderful give-away gift for the One Fly contest and begin getting ready for my fly fishing outing with John Haney from Texas. 

On day 103 John and I did not go fly fishing.  The arctic front came rushing in late Friday afternoon, so John and I opted for a day that would be prove much more comfortable.  However, on day 103 I did travel to Blue River to meet the gentleman that has purchased the little piece of heaven next to wildlife department property.

Today is day 104 and I am sitting here waiting for the promised snow, freezing rain, sleet or just plain rain that the forecasters have promised.  If it's going to get here I wish it would hurry up because there are some fishing trips line up for next week. 

Going to the tying desk right now and kick out a few patterns.

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Gregg said...

Glad that you are back refreshed. We all need that.