Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, February 27, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 119 - Trout Season

Feathers For The One Fly

To me, the 1st Annual One Fly event is exciting.  This season's event is the first such event ever attempted at Blue River and that seems special somehow.  Secondly it is going to bring a lot of names to faces and not only can bolster, but also bond the wonderful fellowship that exists amongst the brothers and sisters of the angle.  Lastly, it's for a good cause - that cause beingthe raising of funds for support of Blue River and particularly the future of the Catch and Release area. 

Of course all of us want to the event to go well, for if it does then there will certainly be more to come in the years ahead. 

When thinking about the event I knew that "gimmes" should be a part of the festivities.  One participant in the One Fly was the first to step forward and donate a gift, which has still yet to be announced.  Mercurio was quick to donate some of his Aztec Angler caps and I can speak for these caps - they're nice.  Charlie Wright is handcrafting cane walking sticks for everyone attending and then there is more.  There are fly tying DVDs, a brisket that's just waiting to be smoked, some possible fly collections (if those flies I ordered by mistake arrive) and now six sets of genetic tying feathers. 

The genetic feathers promised by Tom Waits of Hackle and Tackle in Blanchard, Oklahoma arrived over the weekend.  There are six sets of two different sizes of hackles and they should tie some dan-dan-dandy flies that will capture many fish.

Here's the fine feathers.

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