Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 107 - Trout Season

Fishing In The Rain

The planned outing with some friends went by the wayside today because of the iffy weather.  The forecast called for rain and it indeed did. 

Having scheduled a vacation day, it seemed best to make the best use of the down time and go ahead and hit the river.  Yes, it rained on this angler a good portion of the morning. 

Upon arriving at Blue, I went by the campsite of fellow fly angler Chris Adams, but, evidently Chris has changed campsites, so I head on to the wilderness.  I was the only soul in the wilderness this morning. 

The fishing wasn't spectacular at all.  I'd pick up a fish here and then move to another spot and pick up another and on and on.  The brown bugger and a purplish/black glitter bug was the producers this morning. 

The river is really beautiful right now and is growing crystal clear.  It may have just been me, but it seems to be flowing better and about eight or so inches above normal.  That's a good thing though. 

I didn't stay long in the wilderness today and as I was walking out the stocking truck was coming in, so the fishing should improve over the next couple of days - hopefully.

Driving off the river it was apparent that nobody was fishing, so I stopped by Scotty's store and asked him what the deal was.  He speculated nobody was fishing because few have been catching fish here of late. 

Hopefully the weather patterns will improve and that will improve the fishing.

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