Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
A One Pattern Fly Event

Monday, February 20, 2012

Chapter 58 Day 112 - Trout Season

Countdown To One Fly

As of today there are twenty days left until the 1st Annual One Fly contest will take place on Blue River. 

Last Friday when John Haney came up to fish Blue he brought with him the $100.00 Cabelas gift certificate and now all prizes for the top three finishers are in place and ready to go.

Additionally there will be a number of prizes given away by random draw and these prizes include nine DVDs titled Six Great Trout Flies and this video was filmed on Blue River by several members of the Blue River Fly Fishers. 

Also, Michael Mercurio has donated a number of Aztec Anglers caps and these are really nice looking caps.  Charlie Wright has hand-crafted thirty cane walking sticks and these walking sticks also have the capacity to turn a fellow into a Samurai stick wielding warrior. 

There is also a bottle of fine spirits on the way, courtesy of one of the contestants, and some fine angler should be quite jolly, or quite jolly afterwards, once they receive this gift.

There will also be a good number of six pack flies given away and these are flies that can be used on any water for the most part.

Ralph and Charlotte Fullendwinder will be cooking a large Dutch Oven black pot full of chili and beans and this will ensure no angler will fall out from hunger during the One Fly.

Of course, more prizes may pop up between now and the day of the event. 

For sure, it is going to be a good day of fun and fellowship and hopefully be an event the fly angling community at Blue River will continue in the coming years.

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