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Blue River Fly Classic
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Blue River - Frequently Asked Questions

For over a decade I have been fielding questions from people interested in learning more about Oklahoma's Blue River. 

The popularity of this special and unique river continues to grow and therefore I think it appropriate as much information as possible be put forth. 

Therefore I have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Blue River along with the answers. 

Q.  Is there a daily charge for camping at Blue River?
A.  There is currently no charge for camping at Blue River.  However to camp or visit Blue River all persons (unless otherwise exempt) must have a license or passport.  Basically, any fishing or hunting license that is offered for Blue River will cover your stay at Blue River.  However, make sure the license you have purchased covers your entire stay.  In other words a one day fishing license will not cover a three day excursion at Blue.

For anglers if a person is under 16 or over 65 they are exempt from having any type of license.
For hunters if a person is under 18 or over 65 they are exempt from having any type of license.
If there is any doubt as to what you need to gain access to Blue River consult or call Scotty McCarthick at 580-371-9288,

Q.  I just want to visit for a day.  If there a day-use fee?
A.  There is no day-use fee.  However reference the answer directly above.

Q.  Where can I purchase a Wildlife Conservation Passport?
A.  The Wildlife Conservation Passport can be purchased on line at the wildlife departments website

Q.  Can I carry more than one fishing rod?
A.  Yes, you can carry as many rods as you like, however you can only fish with one rod at a time.  There are no exceptions.

Q.  Are RV's and campers allowed at Blue River and is there water and electrical hook-ups?
A.  RV's and campers are welcomed at Blue River.  All campsites at Blue River are primitive with no electrical or water service available.  There is an on site dump station at the Blue River headquarters building.  RV and camper owners are encouraged to fill their tanks before entering Blue River.  Generators are allowed to run from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Q.  Are dogs allowed at Blue River?
A. Yes, dogs are welcomed at Blue River.  Owners are responsible for keeping dogs in their campsites, parking areas, and in their control at all times.  Family dogs are not allowed to roam freely and if they do then the owners will be required to keep the animal on a leash.  Dogs have been separated from their family at Blue River and the stories rarely turn out good.  So, bring your family dog and keep your friend in your campsite. 

Q.  We like to ride horses.  Is horseback riding allowed at Blue River?
A.  This answer comes directly from the area manager at Blue River.

Horses are allowed except from Oct. 1 thru Jan. 1 and April 6 thru May 6, during those times they are not allowed at all. People can ride horses wherever they wish on the area but we request that they clean up after the horses on roads, trails, and especially in the campsites. Those who do not will be issued littering fines. Also horses have a habit of chewing the bark off of trees when tethered to them so they must be kept from destroying vegetation. Also, riders must be in compliance with the wildlife conservation passport regulations and may only carry weapons appropriate for the seasons open at that time or in compliance with the self defense act.

Q.  Is alcohol allowed on Blue River?
A.  Yes, alcohol is allowed in designated campsites and parking areas.  Alcohol is strictly forbidden on the river or anywhere in the Blue River Public Fishing and Hunting Area except for designated campsites and parking areas. Violators will be fined.

Q.  Are campfires allowed at Blue River?
A.  Yes, campfires are allowed in designated campsites.  Fires are strictly forbidden on the river bank and in the wilderness areas.  Fines for violating this regulation are significant.

Q.  I hear Blue River is a beautiful river, but people tend to litter.  Isn't there a regulation against littering?
A.  Blue River is indeed a unique, special, and beautiful river and sadly there is a littering problem.  There is a fine for those who litter on Blue River and this regulation will be enforced.

Q.  Can wood be collected for campfires? 
A.  Dead wood can be collected but no live trees may be cut.  Dead, unattached trees may be cut up.  Dead standing trees may not be cut up.



Gregg said...

One of many places I'd like to fish someday. Good information.


Barry said...

I'd like to see you here someday Gregg.

Sheckey said...

What are the rules regarding the collection of dead wood and the downing of standing dead wod for firewood?

Barry said...

Sheckey, the gathering of dead wood is perfectly fine. The cutting down of trees is prohibited. As far as standing dead wood... if it's good and dead then that's not a problem, but if there is any doubt then pass it by.

Kevin McMahon said...

Barry, how busy will the camping/fishing areas be on veterans day weekend? I'm planning a trip with 3 friends and I want to try my hand at fly fishing, but I don't want to "compete" with the pros on a busy weekend.

Barry said...

Kevin, the river will be quite crowded that weekend. Lots of pressure on the fish in the main camping area. Of course you can hike up into the south wilderness area and have much more room to fish. If you guys plan on camping, you need to know camping sites will fill up quickly.

Don Palmer said...

Is there much wading access or mostly floating?

Barry said...

Lots of wading opportunities. No one floats.

Barry said...

Lots of wading opportunities. No one floats.

Jesus Tapia said...

Strictly fly fishing?

Barry said...

All kinds of fishing, bait, spinner/lure fishing.

James Gilliland said...

Considering coming up next week any recommendation on what kind of dry n nymphs are best would like to catch some smallmouth on a fly rod always fun also is there a daily take limit and how much is a non resident. Fishing license

James Gilliland said...

Considering coming in next week what type of dry flies the nymphs are best for that area also how much is a nonresident fishing license would like to catch smallmouth bass On my fly rod that's a lot of fun

Barry said...

There will still be lots of trout in the river next week so most of your standard nymphs will work quite well. Pack the pheasant tails, hares ears, prince nymphs and such. For bass, you'll want larger buggers, Clousers, muddler minnows, poppers and hoppers. If you are only fishing for the day you might take a look at the new one day fishing license they are offering. It's much cheaper than an annual NR license. Go to

joseph herrera said...

Is kayaking fishing down the river allowed?

Barry said...


joseph herrera said...

Thanks Barry.
How floatable is the rive? Thinking about putting in north of the camp grounds and pulling out at the campgrounds, maybe campsite 3, or 4

Barry said...

Should be quite floatable right now.