Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Conversatons With Carp - Casual Talks

Plan A was to take world-class fly fisher for trout, steelhead, and other fancy fish, Michael Mercurio, and turn him into a low-life carp by fly type of guy.  Michael is a busy guy however, traveling much in the business he does and today's hope was cancelled for another date. 

Plan B was to go with my soon-to-be son-in-law Van Stacey in his boat to the pasture Charlie and me called the"Big Pasture".  However, around five o'clock this morning I had a feeling Plan B was out the window also.  Winds today were predicted to be south by southeast at a speed of 30 miles per hour.  Rough sailing for any vessel and particularly for a smaller stealthier ship like Van's. 

Having recently acquired a full day away from the mercantile store and today being the first day of hopefully many to come each week, I couldn't bear the thought of not getting some time on the water.  The gear was gathered and stowed in the schooner and off we shove to Rock Creek. 

Although we have been more fortunate with rain this spring, compared to last season, we could stand more moisture - as the local creek continues to diminish.  The creek has scummed over in many places and as a whole the water is dingy at best.  Images of carp could be made, but seeing these beeves suck the fly was out of the question.  It would be all blind fishing this morning. 

If there is a Rock Creek grand slam it would be a carp, catfish, drum, perch, and bass.  This morning I caught carp, catfish, drum, perch, but no bass.  The grand slam escaped me. 

Only two flies were used today - a simple Carrot and Charlie's Biter Critter.  Unfortunately the Biter Critter would end up losing it's life at sea before the morning was over.

This morning was a casual ever-so-relaxing outing.  I was through fishing around mid-morning and thankful for the time spent with the fish.  As the weather heats up my fishing trips will be down to one day a week.  Hopefully, there will be some late evenings where I can get on the water and be able to see the carp. 

With the fishing over I make it back to the prairie schooner where the Byron Dowd Band goes in the CD player. Skipping over to track four, I rock it home with Pompeii's Dog

Good stuff. 

Owning a tendency to always drink beer after a fishing outing, but knowing the depths that the pilsner can take a fellow... I only have a couple.

I'll pursue the rest of it... later. 

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Gregg said...


All the plans will come to be I'm sure. You made up for it though big time. I actually like water with just shapes, or, that is what I'm used to. You did well with that.