Blue River Fly Classic

Blue River Fly Classic
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Carp Flies For Chris

There have been a number of times over the last ten or twelve years that fly-fisher Chris Adams has gifted me with some of the wonderful flies he creates - he is a talented tier.  Now I have a chance to repay his kindness because Chris is in need of some carp flies.

It seems he has a trip planned to the Upper Lower Illinois River near Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  On previous trips Chris noticed carp in this river and with the growing interest of capturing carp by fly, Chris is good for a try. 

Last night I tied up a gaggle of carp patterns for Chris to take with him on his float trip.  Included in the lot are Carpolo Charlies, Crazy Charlies, the Curiosity Carp fly, San Juan Wormballs, Carp Tease, and the War Pony. 

This will be the first ever attempt of catching carp with flies for Chris. 

I hope he makes it look easy.  

1 comment:

Gregg said...

Good for you Barry! He'll do very well is my guess.